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McLean Texas in 1943
G.N. and O.W. Frost with their horses Tillie and Dimples in 1943 Red River Steak HouseRed River Steak HouseRed River Steak HouseRed Mud Barbecue Sauce

Premium Quality Black Angus Beef

Black Angus Steaks from the Red River Steakhouse

Our family has been ranching in Texas for generations and after raising cattle for so many years it was a natural that somewhere along the line there would be a family member that would make a living cooking the beef in his own steakhouse instead of raising it. That steakhouse is the Red River Steakhouse in McLean, Texas on the historic Route 66 highway., Inc.

Guests at the steakhouse so enjoyed our Angus cuts such as porterhouse, ribeye, strip, sirloin and filet mignon that they began to ask where the delicious meat they were being served came from and whether they could order it from the restaurant. And as the saying goes... The rest is history. Now it is easy to order these famous cuts of black angus beef.

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